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Hi guys

Looking for some info on how to connect signal from this sensor into arduino.The voltage output from that sensor is going to be 24V i believe
Inductive proximity sensor
Thanks for any info.


I added an inductive sensor to my RAMPS1.4 board that is running on 12V, hence the on/off signal is also 12V. To connect mine I used a resistor divider to drop the signal to 5V. I cant remember the exact values I used, but for 24V to 5V you want around a 4:1 ratio. A 4k7 with a 1k should see you though.

Don't just take my word for it though, I am sure some of the more experienced people will have more to add and if you have a search for 'potential divider' you will get something out of it.


I`m sure there is a way to get transistor wired without divider. i remember doing mine Anet1.0 board with 12V signal just with inline resistor


Optocouplers have quite a following. There's also a good link at the bottom of that page.


Thanks a lot. I was currently reading about them and I think is they are the way to go.


A single current limiting resistor may be enough, so long as its high enough to prevent overloading the
input protection diodes.  A resistive divider will of course work, and a resistor-zener divider using a 4V7 zener
would also work.
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What a pain-in-the neck sensor - pnp open collector to supply!

But, as suggested  a 5:1 voltage divider is fine  IF you're using 24vdc to power it..


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