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I'm looking to connect to DC motors to my Arduino Motor Shield R3 (http://goo.gl/zEQvH)

Stuck at where the wiring goes, do they go to the screw terminal or do they go into actual pins?  Any help is much appreciated as always.


The motors connect to the screw terminals.
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Thanks john.  How would I vary the direction / speed of the motors?  Code I have come across is for only 1 motor connecting to the Uno without a motor shield so I'm a bit puzzled by this.


The motor shield implements one or more H-bridge motor controllers.  Typically these will have two or three pins per motor.  One pin controls the direction.  One pin turns the power on and off and is usually attached to a PWM (analogWrite()) output pin so you can control speed.  The optional third pin applies the brakes by shorting the two motor terminals for the voltage generated by the moving motor fights the motor and causes it to slow down faster.

Find documentation for your motor shield to find out which pins do what.

Reading the datasheet for the motor control chip on your motor shield can help in understanding.
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The R3 motorshield is very easy to use.  If you go to the main site and look up the board it will tell you exactly which pins you need to use to control the board.  Also you can go to sparkfun and look up their ardumoto.  They have some sample code that would be a good starting point.

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