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I need some assistance in finding out how to add new tool to the current Arduino IDE 1.06.

If there a simple "how to " procedure written somewhere I could follow ?

thanks a lot


If there a simple "how to " procedure written somewhere I could follow ?
No, because mucking with the IDE is not a beginner project.

What new tool do you need to add?
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I suggest you post this, with details, in the Development area of the forum. If the Arduino team think your idea is worthwhile, they'll include it in the next update of the IDE.


It would be interesting to know what you mean by tool.

Adding new platforms is possible e.g. new board types etc, and changing the external programs that are used to upload etc etc

There are some wiki pages about this


and some other proposals here https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/wiki/Arduino-IDE-1.5---3rd-party-Hardware-specification

However I'm not sure if the last link is precisely how it currently works, or how its proposed it will work, I think possibly a mixture of both.

Ultimately its all open source, so you're free to pull it apart and change stuff and see what happens, - which is what I normally end up doing.

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i ve found the appli Guino really cool.
i would like to have it for my student in the tab "tools" of arduino.
near board and serial port.
like this with guino and  ardublock my student could make some fun stuff.

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