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Author Topic: news about The Foxconn Technology Group (China)  (Read 1714 times)
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1. The basic MONTHLY salary of an electronic technician (iphone worker) is about USD$142.00.

2. All forum discussions regarding the Foxconn suicide cases have been banned in China. No posts regarding the Foxconn tragedy can be created. It is as if nothing had happened.

3 selected news reporting from Hong Kong 's media (Cantonese) .

[ch21488][ch28207][ch31034][ch23041][ch12288][ch32882][ch35342][ch23500][ch22763][ch24247], [ch23448][ch26041][ch24037][ch26371][ch25764][ch22238][ch12288][ch21729][ch24037][ch33258][ch32068][ch20445][ch27402][ch30410]


4. from Taiwan (Manderin)

2010/05/27[ch19977][ch31435][ch26032][ch32862]~13[ch36339][ch22577][ch21040]?? [ch37101][ch21488][ch37528][ch20043][ch23500][ch22763][ch24247][ch36339][ch19981][ch20572]

5. CNN : Apple and Dell investigate Foxconn plant
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Apple concluded that the main cause of the suicides is low wages. (The media has also attributed the suicides to a variety of other factors — everything from the semi-military style of management, to long overtime, to China's one-child policy, and Foxconn paying too much compensation to the family of suicide workers, thereby encouraging copycat suicides.) Apple plans to subsidize raises using its own products

There are they happy now? they get an Ipad

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