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I have one of these, http://www.amazon.co.uk/Current-Cost-Pincer-Style-Sensor/dp/B0041SBLN2 - and I need to know its specs to interface directly with my Arduino. I guess I need it's windings etc.

I googled about, and I can't seem to find the data sheet (if there is one).

Any help guys?


maby use something else im planning on using this later but trying to figure out how to get an output from it



Hmm, I was kinda hoping to use what I have on hand. I got the sensor from a free giveaway by EON with an energy monitor, which still works, but doesn't excite my inquisitive mind :)

I have the PCB of the original device. You could fit three of these clamp sensors into it, and here is a pic of the PCB: http://i.imgur.com/A2xYk.jpg



For a current transformer you need to know the number of turns, and this can be roughly measured (its likely to be a nice round number fortunately).

Measurement means you need a known source of AC current at mains frequency.  You also need to place a multimeter in AC current measuring mode across the output of the clamp sensor.  Don't try to measure its voltage, you must short-circuit the output with a current meter.  The ratio of current through the clamp jaws to the measured current from the sensor is the number of turns.  Expect a value of several hundred or thousand turns (ie 10A rms through the jaws you'd expect something in the range around 10mA at the output).

Or try asking at the current-cost blog...
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