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Hello fellas,

I'm currently looking for a cheap place where i can buy electronic stuff in china. I've already tried Terry King's YourDuino.com, but the shipment methods he chose are the most expensive and the most watched in the customs. I'm trying to find someone who sells simple things like wire jumpers, breadboards, resistors, leds, capacitors, relays, etc... I really don't mind waiting because when i buy i buy lots and lots of them.


Thanks a lot.


try seeedstudio.com, iteadstudio.com

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Aliexpress is a little more proffecional but still good for end-customers :)



Cheap and mostly free shipping


+1 Ebay

That's been my method, there seems to be hundreds if not thousands of them. I select the product/price I want, see if the feedback count is greater the a couple of thousands and satisfaction is greater then 98% and have never had to give out a negative rating. One vendor sent the wrong kind of pot (I bought a dual gang but got a single gang pot), vendor just had me send a picture of what arrived and based on that sent me the correct one. All other buys have been problem free. Not saying the everything I bought turned out to be a wise purchase, sometimes spontaneous buying decisions result in some amount of buyers remorse, but not because of the quality or description of the item offered. About the only rule I try to keep with is that there must be a datasheet or schematic drawing linked or embedded with the listing or special ICs and electronic modules. Don't assume you will get more technical information or assistance then is shown or you may very well end up being disappointed.

My experience is that the Chinese E-bay sellers are very protective of their E-bay feedback rating, much more so as rule then many of the individual state side sellers I've run against.



If you are adventuresome, you might try goodluckbuy, or futurlec. they are bot Chinese outfits and take forever to get your parts to you. They get crappy reviews because of this, but they have lots of stuff on the cheap, and I have not had any problem with them. I got a cheap Arduino due clone from goodluckbuy that was  a better board than the true one. it was only around $18 and the shipping is free.

Take a look. there is a lot of stuff that's lots of fun.

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