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Hi everybody ! I'm new on this forum, and i'm looking for some help...

I have got an AX12 (servo-motor) controlled by a serial communication with an arduino. The problem is that I don't know the current BAUD RATE of the AX12, and so i cannot control it.

I want to reset the BAUD RATE of the AX12 (which is 1.000.000, it's amazing !). I can change the baudrate by a serial instruction, but if I don't the frequency of the instruction i have to send, then i can not reset the baud rate....

I hope you understand the problem.

So I summarize : I want to reset the AX12, without using a serial instruction (because i don't know the baud rate of the instruction i would send).




Post a link to the device in question. If it is a serial device, you can only talk to it using serial commands. Generally, there is a period of time, though, when it tries to determine the baud rate of the device talking to it. It is during this interval that you should be able to negotiate a new rate. We'd need to see the datasheet for the device, though, to be certain.
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Thanks for your answer, I didn't know that the AX12 could determine the baud rate of the message he gets.

I forgot to post the datasheet, i'm sorry.

Here it is http://www.bde.enseeiht.fr/clubs/robot/files/AX-12A.pdf

Bye  XD

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