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I bought a couple of the version 1.0 of the Seeeduino Stalker (168), the price was great given the onboard RTC, battery backup, XBee adaptor, etc. 

I had purchased a couple of the Cp2102 USB to UART convertors and these (or similar) were needed as the Stalker does not have an onboard FTDI

I have the convertor connected to the Serial connector on the Stalker in the following fashion

Convertor                Stalker Serial Connector
5 V                               Vdd
Ground                         Ground
RX                                PD1(TXD)
TX                                PD0(RXD)
RST                              DTR

To test the system I just opened one of the examples, Blink, that did not work when I tried to upload.

For the board I chose all of the boards that had a ATMega168 onboard trying to find a mathc that would work and all I got was the "avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00" error

I have seen a couple of posts here and on the net that used the Cp2102 chip convertor successfully with the Arduino IDE and they made the same connections I did between the convertor and the board.  Is there a setting or configuration change I need to make in the IDE to get this combo running?




    PL2303HX                                   ATMEGA                                    Arduino Pin
       CHIP                                          CHIP                                            Board

      PIN 1                                           PIN 2                                             Rx - 0
      PIN 5                                           PIN 3                                             Tx - 1

Connect a common ground between them (I use the USB Shielding solder point)

These are on the chip itself, not the 9 pin connector - small pitch, but a steady hand, Kynar Wire (Very fine) pre-tinned
and a magnifier do wonders.

2303 is same PO as 2102

Hope that helps
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I don't think the 2302 and 2102 are that close as the datasheet for the 2102 has the RXD on pin 25 and TXD on pin 26.  I do not have the 9 pin connector only 6.  Another confusing issue for me is: I do not know what difference I would get if I connected the RXD and TXD directly from the pins of the chip and not the 6 pin connector provided.

I know I have the 5v and ground connected correctly as the program that was loaded on the board from the factory is running when I make the connections that I showed in the original post.



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