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I need to get more distance from CNY70 to the object (my hand). I have changed 47k resistor to 200k and I get about 1 cm distance. Is it possible to get about 7 cm from CNY70 or is there any other similar sensor to achieve this?

I am not using this sensor to follow a black line but put my hand over the sensor and get "high" or "low" values.

thank you very much


don't know if you still have your problem? bur i know a solution.
use a 82 ohms resistor for the led.
you will get 44mA current trought your led 50mA is max

and use a 100K resistor for your reciever.
and use white reflection thing.

7cm is al lot but you can try some.


You can get longer response range from other sensors, but they are a good
deal larger in size. The usable sensing range is mainly determined by the
distance between the Led and phototransistor. Look at QRB1113, QRB1114.

7 cm is still pretty large for an unfocussed sensor, and you'll likely have some
sensitivity to background light levels.


I had another idea. Take 2 of your CNY70 sensors and mount them side by side
with 2-sided tape/etc, and with the phototransistor of one and the Led of the
other to the outside. Use those for input-output.This should sort of emulate a

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