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I read some posts from this site where people have shown how to wire a 4-20mA device to various arduino boards but nobody describes how to take the info and log it or do calculations with it. I welcome anybody willing to write a basic app for me to log averaged data every 5 seconds and then track the difference in 4-20 output between each timestep and its previous (i -1), displaying the result on a basic matrix display. You will be compensated for your time. Let me know if you are interested and/or familiar with the subject.


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What is your "4-20mA" device a thermocouple or gauge sender etc.

Do you know how to convert the current into a voltage to measure with the ADCs. Is what you are measuring a linier signal and if not are you proposing to condition it into a linier one or simple record the output directly.

Are you going to be displaying the results of the readings directly onto the display or are they going to be converted into another scalar like Deg C or level etc.

What sort of averaging are you looking at RMS or mean etc.

within your 5 seconds average sample window what is the frequency of measurement

Data logging is well documented here on the forums.

Will you want the hardware designed as well and a PCB designed in Fritzing so that you can order up some PCBs if you want them and study the circuit and re-build it using breadboard.

I can help you on all of this if you need it, drop me a P(ersonal) M(essage) and we can have a chat.

I have sent you a PM with my basic skills set on.

Cheers Pete.
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