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Hi i am looking for a arduino programer who is interested in writing some code for a project.
I have got a arduino 328 board and 20x4 lcd screen, real time clock and 4 channel relay board.
I am wanting to controll 4 seperate channels of leds so that they dim on and off at a set time but want if possible to be able to control the time that the leds take to reach full brightness and to adjust the clock time when the leds are to be switched via buttons on the controller so that it can be adjusted without connecting it back to the pc.
I have got the pwm led drivers and leds as well.
If anybody is interested please pm me.


You should probably post under Gigs and Collaboration.  Also mention where you are because unless you want to ship your hardware across the country or overseas you probably want a local collaboration.
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Cheers for the help i will try posting there. i did not put my location as i thought that the programer would be able to write the code and send it via email or if the file is large maybe on a cd/dvd as i dont mind doing the wiring its just the coding that i am struggling with. i have wired the lcd screen up and have programed that very basic but struggling to get it to interact with things like put functional menues ect where you can adjust settings.
Cheers again.


The problem with embedded physical computing is that the programmer needs the hardware in order to see if his software is doing what it should.

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