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Hi i am looking for a arduino programer who is interested in writing some code for a project. I have got a arduino 328 board and 20x4 lcd screen, real time clock and 4 channel relay board. I am wanting to controll 4 seperate channels of leds so that they dim on and off at a set time but want if possible to be able to control the time that the leds take to reach full brightness and to adjust the clock time when the leds are to be switched via buttons on the controller so that it can be adjusted without connecting it back to the pc. I have got the pwm led drivers and leds as well. If anybody is interested please pm me.


The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


I thought that I needed a relay board to switch the led power supplies on as I am planning on having 4 channels of 60watts of leds so a total of 240watts.


You can't use a relay to dim LEDs. Unless you don't care about the LED, the relay, or the power supply.

Perhaps you should tell us more about these LEDs. You could probably use transistors to control the current to the LEDs. Transistors don't mind be toggled on and off at PWM frequencies. Relays do mind.
The art of getting good answers lies in asking good questions.


Are these solid state relays or mechanical relays? Regardless your answer, I guess you want someone to write the user interface with LCD and some buttons, right? Sounds like what I do by the way.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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