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Hi I am new to this forum and arduino

i have this project that i am working on where i need to connect the LM34 heat sensor to a buzzer and my objective of the project is to make the buzzer buzz whenever heat is detected (depends on the ranges i set it at)

My major problem right now is the fact that i dont know how to read the output of the LM34. the serial monitor on the arduino program is showing 0 all the time. What should i do?

this is all i have so far:

 int analogInput = 4;  

 int value = 0;

 void setup() {

void loop() {
 value = analogRead(analogInput);



use Serial.print(data) and Serial.println(data) instead of printInteger; those are old commands and I am not even sure if they work anymore.
See the commmand reference in the Arduino software's help menu.


Hi daniel,
I think the printinteger command works cause that's what I wrote for the last project with the potentiometer and it output correctly.
But this time I am just not sure what the output should the lm34 give me.  I should be expecting to get values of the mili-voltage from 0F (0.00v) to 100F (1.00v) or am i wrong?  



After fiddling with the arduino some more,
i tried not to use any resistor to connect and then it started to burn, the LM34 started heating up really fast n burned up
then i tried adding a 1k resistor in and now on the serial monitor, i am getting values like 875875

Do i even need a resistor?
what do those values stand for?


I looked at the datasheet, and:
1) No resistors should be necessary
2) the output should be directly compatible with the arduino analog inputs.
Are you sure you are connecting it properly?

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