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I really like my Arduino uno and have great fun making it do things. But.. the  2K of RAM is driving me nuts! What options are out there that program like the Arduino but have more RAM to play with?


-jim lee


The 2K of RAM is one of the things that makes Arduino fun!

Mind you the Apollo 11 got to the moon with less RAM and you are complaining? ;)

What kind of application do you make that needs more RAM?

Rob Tillaart

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Sounds like you need one of these:
1284 thruhole, Duemilanove style boards!
Prices shipped to US locations:
1-lot $4.50
2-lot $6.75
3-lot $9.25
5-lot $17.00
10-lot $28.25

I ordered 50 of them, sent out about 1/2 so far.

I'll see if I can get one asssembled & a picture posted.


(Rats - I don't have regulators. Knew I forgot to order something when I last ordered stuff from anyone.)

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