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I've got a Problem with sending commands to a HID Device.
I can send the commands with the Tool SimpleHIDWrite (http://www.lvr.com/files/SimpleHIDWrite3.zip) and that works well -> I've got the Commands.
But i don't know how to send these commands to the HID Device.

For Example:
I want to turn on the LED of a keyboard.
With the Tool SimpleHIDWrite, I send the command "0x01" to the HID Device and the LED turns on.

How can i send these command to the HID Device with the USB Host Shield?


Hi, it all depends on which libraries are you using (and USB Host Shield Board). I suggest try using the code from the Cheeky Mail Notifier. Where they are sending a message to the device.

But I think that code is prior Arduino 1.0 and USB Host Shield 2.0

Tell me if you have any luck and what boards are you using.

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