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Hi. On the setup page of Arduino Ethernet (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardEthernet) there is a huge error in the Setup instruction:

It says you should replace the boards.txt with a new one. Unfortunately this breaks the communication with the board instead of fixing it. After about an hour of troubleshooting, I tried the crazy idea of changing it back to the way it was on delivery, and it started working.

I tried to edit the page, but didn't have access. Can someone please correct this? It's kind of a bummer to bump into such a silly and frustrating problem on your very first Arduino experience.



It also claims that you need to do a complicated bootloader upgrade (which requires ANOTHER Arduino!) just to be able to use an FTDI cable for communication.

This part should also be removed, since it works like a charm out of the box.

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