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Paul Stoffregen

How compatible is Maple?

Sure, pinMode, digitalWrite, analogRead, etc probably work fine.  But what about most libraries and more complex sketches?



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 I am a novice so I may have more trouble compared to others but, here is a bit of my thoughts.

  As far as adding and using Arduino libraries go, they are another case by case basis. A lot of variable types in their librarys have to be set to work with their Maple IDE. I am still trying to figure that all out. If I had to count on a library working, I would install their IDE and check to see if it would compile and go from there.

 One example, their SPI is set up different enough that you would have to make your own code to operate the SPI ,instead of using the Arduino SPI library.  <<Edited sentence to say what I meant.

Here is a link for SPI usage: http://leaflabs.com/docs/lang/api/hardwarespi.html#lang-hardwarespi

EDIT: Here is a link to the Olimexo I was talking about earlier. http://www.olimex.com/dev/olimexino-stm32.html


The problem is that a lot of libraries talk directly to the processor hardware. This hardware will be very different on an ARM chip so the whole thing needs to be re thought and rewritten. Only trivial libraries, of which their are an awful lot, will work.


All very interesting. But it confirms my thinking. It will take some time  before due will be a platform I can use.

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