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Hi there, I am trying to build a project that involves two screwjack type devices and wish to know if there is any way I can get the motor to stop when it reaches the end of the screwjack? i.e using resistance or increased load on the motor e.t.c and then be reversed to do the same in the opposite direction? Any help would be appreciated..


This old thread should help you, particularly zoomcat's link:


Basically, this implements simple limit switches; you would want to modify thing to sense the switch closure with the Arduino, and stop, pause, then reverse the h-bridge controlling the motor (you -do not- want to instantly reverse the motor; this can possibly cause damage to the motor, gear-train, and perhaps even the h-bridge depending on its design).
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There are some good app notes on the Microchip website on stall current detection for things like car window motors.
Of course, you'll have to replace PiC with AVR
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