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I am trying to mess with my PS3 controller. Input into my Arduino uno viaUSB Host 2.0.
PS3 Controller>USB Cord>USB HOST2.0>Arduino>USB Cord>PS3
I have a few questions:
1. With the setup above, Do I need a firmware that will tell the PS3 that USB Device (Arduino) is a PS3 Joystick?
2. If so, Has anyone seen a firmware for PS3 joystick, Or Know the easiest way to read then extract/copy firmware from a USB device?

I have the Original PS3 Controller I Can use and also a USB Afterglow Controller to test with.

End result would be, Me being able to see the signal sent out by the controller so I can remap the buttons.
Press X on PS3 Controller and Arduino sends out (Simulation of pressing) R1 Delay(80); L1
or When O is held down. Signal would be pulsed unlike now having to release and re-press. 

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Any luck? I want to do the same thing.

I can think of two issues with this.

1)The stock controllers have Bluetooth in them. How do we know the controller signal is sent through the USB port and not Bluetooth, when the USB is plugged in. Obviously it would make sense that it would go through USB for speed reasons, but maybe the USB is only used for charging so there is no issue of dropped packets when switching from wired to wireless communication.

2) I believe the PS3 communication is encrypted. I am also aware that the signals can be (and have been) de-encrypted. However, once we mess around with the signals using the arduino, does the signal have to be re-encrypted to be sent? Has this been done before?

I hope someone can help us out with this.


If you need, i have a hex file for the PS3 controller including the magic bytes for the PS3 button.

if you need the source, send me a PM


I'm pretty good with arduino, but I have no idea whether or not this helps me in the slightest. lol


I made some headway, but I cant get the PS3 to recognize the commands. Any tips?

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