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I am doing my final year project on arduino.. The idea of my project is to make a desk that its height and width being controlled by android app via bluetooth.. i am using two motors for this.. first users will adjust the desk height and width using the controls in the app.. my app holds the function to save users preferred settings so that they can just execute the saved settings later without the need to adjust again.. can anyone help me on how to save the settings of the motor???  :(


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List the settings you want to save . We shouldn't have to ask you that.

i am using two motors for this. 

Do we even know what kind of motors you are using ? (no)
Do we know what you are using for motor drivers ? (no)
If we don't know what motors or drivers you are using  how do you expect us to answer your question ?
Do you know what the settings are ? If you are talking about saving blocks of numbers does it matter if it is motor settings or any other kind of settings for that matter ? You posted under mechanics and power but it sounds like your question is less about mechanics and power than it is about saving data (settings) or numerical values or arrays. It would not be a stretch to say that it falls under the category of programming. List the settings you want to save and we'll see where it belongs.
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You can save data to the EEPROM so it will survive switching off the Arduino. I presume you will not need to write preference data so often that you will wear out the EEPROM.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


To be able to return to previous/stored setting you need some form of feedback from either the motors or the table width/height. Feedback from the motors could be counting steps (if they are stepper motors), shaft encoder to count shaft rotations or a simple motor on time dureation if the travel is pretty liner. You would also need some end stop switches to prevent over travel and to act as a reference (home) position.
To have feedback from the table could be liner encoders or some form of potentiometer arrangement.
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