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Nick Gammon

Getting back to the subject heading ...

Rule #42.

By the time you get to page 3, everyone has forgotten what the thread is supposed to be about.


Everything in Arduino can have at least one viable answer apart from - is Arduino object orientated ?

Duane B


What was this thread about again? OP can you post the latest code.

Rob Gray aka the GRAYnomad www.robgray.com


Code: [Select]
while(no_one_gets_it) {
  call(reply #1)
if(serious) { think(hum) } else { think(har) }

Nick Gammon

... at least read the effing title, hopefully on a good day the entire post, your experience does not equal every possible situation.

That's probably me ... sometimes my eyes glaze over and I start skimming.

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