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Hi !

I'm working in a personal project with arduino, so I had to develop or modify some existing libraries. That may be of interest to anyone so I don't know how to share them in playground or somewhere other place.

The libray list is:

A controller to a 4 digit 7 Segment LED display, using the MC14499 controller with a serial protocol.

An object abstraction layer to define multi button keyboard using one analog input. It supports short and long keypresses and debouncing. Pin used, number of keys and timings are configurable.

Define 3 types of timers, astable, monoestable and retriggerable. I use them along with timer2 to implement task schedulers in real time environments.

An adaptation from Rtc_Pcf8563 library, to work with Pcf8583 timers.

if someone is interested may contact me.



Sounds like good work!

You are allways welcome to share libs in the playground!

If possible with sample sketches !!
Rob Tillaart

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