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I need to help for the wiring and Code sample for Uno  with  LCD Driver UC1601s SPI.
I have use the long time for develop it but not success.

Display Type 128 * 64 Dots
LCD Type FSTN, Positive, Transflective
Driver Condition LCD Module :1/64 Duty, 1/9 Bias
Viewing Direction 6 O'clock
Backlight White LED
Weight 20 g
Interface 3-wire


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the datasheet (page 31) shows how for I2C http://www.artronic.com.pl/pdf/pl/UC1601.pdf



u8glib has support for a display of different size, but same controller: https://github.com/olikraus/u8glib/wiki/device#uc1601-128x32
At least you should be able to see something.


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