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can any one please tell me detail about this???

this is 2.4" tft, which model use with it, i am using ILI9320 but its not working.


Nov 17, 2014, 05:30 pm Last Edit: Nov 17, 2014, 06:17 pm by TFTLCDCyg
lib: UTFT
Board: Arduino MEGA or Due
TFT: SY-TFT240  (similar to HY-TFT240), 2.4" (320x240)
Driver: ILI9325C


Code: [Select]

TFT        MEGA or Due
GND        GND
5V          5V (3.3V internal regulator on TFT)
RS          38
RW          39
RD          3.3V
DB10        22
DB11        23
DB12        24
DB13        25
DB14        26
DB15        27
DB16        28
DB17        29
CS          40
RST         41

UTFT setting:  UTFT myGLCD(3,38,39,40,41)
Arduino IDE: 1.5.8 BETA

Test on SD card reader

Code: [Select]
TFT       Due

CSI       Any free digital pin
MOSI      MOSI (header SPI)
SCK       SCK (header SPI)
MISO      MISO (header SPI)

lib: UTFT_tinyFAT  for Arduino Due (TXH Graham)

Video image test


Hi, i have a similar display. I made some tests with it first and thought, it works fine.But now i have strange behaviors:

My setting: Arduino Mega2560. Henning Carlsens UTFT Library, connected with the following sheme:

The problem comes with the Voltage: I have several pieces of the TFT, some of them work, when i connect the "RD"-pin to 3.3V of the Mega, some work without that connection. Some work, if connected 5V->5V and GND to GND, some when either GND or 5V is left out.

And one more strange thing: It works much more stable, when my Mega is powered only via USB. If i us an external power supply, the display resets very often (sometimes every second!), or simply doesn't work or shows just black and white stripes.

I measured the Voltage on the 5V-pin of my Mega. When it is connected via USB, it only has 4.5V, when externally powered, it has 4.95V. But i think both should be ok??

On the TFT i recognized a small IC with "662K" on it (it is labelled "U1"). I googled this, and it should be a Voltage regulator. So i am quite sure, the 5V-Logic Voltage of the Arduino Mega should be ok with this Display? I also tried to connect the Jumper "JP1" near this "U1"-IC, but then the TFT only shows a light blue screen.

So, summing up i can say that different items from the same type show slightly different behaviors, but all seems to be related to the voltage. Does anybody have any suggestions for me?

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