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Hi Every one, I'm newbie in Arduino Electronics. A few days ago I've bought a lcd with touch and sd card support. I wanted to use it but I couldn't find any thing about that. I know that It uses HX8352B chip set for controlling display and  XPT2046 to controlling touch screen. As you see in pics, this module has 34 pins in left and right sides and 16 pins in other sides that different with each others. I couldn't find datasheet for this module. Please help me to use this unknown lcd module.


It is a good idea to research and check if data sheets and software/Arduino support is available before buying a display... but I think you have learnt that lesson.

It would be possible to get this working with an Arduino Mega or DUE but the pin locations and signal allocations are not compatible directly so you will have to wire by hand each connection or find an adapter board on the sellers website.

The display is 3.3V and does not have logic level translators, so to use with a Mega you need more electronics between them, possibly just a set of resistors would do the job but some knowledge and experimentation will be needed. I think this may be beyond you current experience and it would take quite a lot of effort to produce detailed instructions for you to use this display...

Here is all the help I can provide re. the pin allocations, this is partly guessing based on signal names but is probably right!:

3V3 is the supply voltage and GND is the 0V return
D0-15 are the data bus pins for the display controller
CS chip select for display
RS is command/data control pin for display
WR and RD are write and read control pins for display
RST is reset line
MISO, MOSI,SCK are the SPI lies for the 2046 touch controller and microSD card slot (and the FLASH chip which is not fitted to your board)
TCS is probably the chip select for the touch controller
INT is probably the interrupt pin from the touch controller
PWM is probably the backlight LED brightness control, there is a transistor buffer on the board for this signal
FCS is probably the FLASH chip select (not fitted to board)
SDCS is the microSD card ship select

I would say you have a lot to learn but after many hours of research and experimentation you may be able to get this board running with a Mega or DUE. But I would say if you are really are a Newbie your chances of success are slim unless you can get a schematic, adapter card and support software from the original display vendor.


Dear rowboteer
I liked your reply, specially your advise about looking for arduino support before buying parts :D  :D

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