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Author Topic: High resolution LCD panel for custom projector  (Read 161 times)
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Problem description
I want to build a custom projector and have some special requirements.
  • The projected image has to be flicker-free because it will be captured by a camera at low exposure times. Therefore I probably need a LCD panel because a DLP chip wont work (frequency of micro-mirrors).
  • I don't need to process a realtime video signal. My though was that I can use the arduino to load images into an external memory. After the initialization I can control which image should be displayed. For the start it would be sufficient if I can only display one image.
  • The resolution should be 1024x768 or above
  • The panel should be transparent and not too big
  • I'm only interested in monochrome images

My thought was to use a panel which is commonly used in a projector setup but I couldn't find any reseller for those. The only thing i've found was on ebay like ( The problem is that I don't know how I need to wire such a panel up.

Can someone give me a hint? Other panels would be appreciated too.

Can't find a reseller for panels from
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Can someone give me a hint?

Yep, this clearly has nothing to do with Arduinox, except perhaps those which actually incorporate a Linux box or similar to perform such a task independent of the Atmel part, in which case there are many equally appropriate non-Arduino approaches.

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