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That program was written with old MENWIZ library 1.1 that was supporting the 4 and 6 buttons. The new version of MENWIZ support only 6 buttons so change the lines
Code: [Select]

and remove or comment this line:
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The rest is variable declaration problem, tempF variable should be global and defined at the top above Setup();
post the total sketch here.


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Just a guess .... as I am an absolute beginner ..... it seems a library problem ... do you have all the necessary library included ?

not lib prob got new from terry that one is ok.

but thanks all for showing intrest i relly like this forum  i whill soon be back with probs for you to help me with . joust bought some books on arduino programing  "Practical Arduino Cool Projects for Open Source Hardware and the Beginning Arduino Programming "  hope ther good cu all..

Thanks khalid i saw that one , and it compile's with "menu.addUsrNav(navmeny,4);"    on    1.2Menwiz   1.0.3 ide


I love when users help each other  :)
The latest version should support also the 4 buttons via addusrnav (sorry i did not tested myself, so please confirm it).
So guys, which is the feature you would like be implemented next?

p.s. for who implemented a custom device using addusrnav: if you could briefly write a solution description with callback code I would like to insert into manual, in order to help other users!


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So here i go again new day new bits to bite  :smiley-red:

So far i got Menwis1.2 with analog 6button  "yippi 5more digital ports"  and terrys meny build with temp and 3reley.

so to cut to the problem Terry does farenheit me no understand me european haha okey , i have tryed my best to solv this geting 5v to 0-1023 aka 1024 and all of that look't att examples that cover the never ending *5,0 /1024 *100 /10 soooo many diferent combinations even some that devide by 8,0 insted of 10  seems moore than confusing too me  and if that whas not enogh we got some  (average*5000)/1024; going on in the code that i dont get..  soo it's an LM35D that im having a fist fight with wish i could read italian haha , could some handy more whise than me see what im doing wrong   ( i have //out all that has with farenheit to do i hope i did that right and i named ALL temF to tempC i probobly missed some thing temp stays at 10 C anything but the room 25 C  :-)

i think i whill crash into bed now zzZZzZzZ gees 4:30 AM in sweden bye..

code is in attachment  everything but the temp works i think.  sorry if temp probs is not realy this topic but sinns we are modding with Menwin i thought that i kept my problems here while doing menwis..  UPDATED: 6/1/2013 soo i remover the Offset in volts sinns LM35D does NOT go minus centigrade :-) still it moves little fishy but it is in range so if anybody can se obvious fault in code i think i got it.
UPDATED: i did also tie Vout from lm35D to Ground with a 560Ohm resistor and that seems to make it more acurate not showing 2celcius low :-) is that okey to tie Vout to ground with no -V or Vref :-) :-( hehe Vout on Lm35  2,69 on my FLUKE and display cant relly make its mind upp 26 27 26 27 close enogh fore me.  room temp 27C

And thanks to  Brunialti Terry Backbone and all involved  all credits will be in code when done :-)


Ciao Thomas,
.... always from a beginner .... the temperature sensor has some characteristic, the relation between Volt and T. As far as I know,is generally 0,01 V = 1 kelvin degree  and celsius = kelvin -273.
.... this could be a start ... it's important to understand which sensor you use because not all the sensor give the same value ... sorry if I'm obvious or wrong, as I said ... absolute beginner :-)

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