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I'm happy it works. It was in my goals to write a library simple to use and hackable.
And now let me try to hel paco :-)

p.s. please send to me the modified files and sketch. I want let it available on github



I have a question about the input-modes (variables). I want  to use the menu to input a time variable to set my ds1307. As it uses unix-time it should not be a problem in general. The only problem is, that I want the user to see hours and minutes while setting the time instead of the seconds unix time uses. I dont need year, month and day.

Thank you for any suggestions!!
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MENWIZ still does'nt support edit mode (that is value inpt using some keybord).
It is a feature that I should implement but I cannot say when.
At this moment you can build a menu enty labelled "Time set" and three variable inside labelled "Hour" (type byte, increment 1, values 0-24),"Minutes" (type byte, increment 1, values 0-60), "Set" (action type).
In the first two variables you can set the values and the third can call a user defined action making the proper conversions and setting the RTC.
In the next release a new behavior will be available (collapsed_view), allowing to see variable values on the same label line . This will provide a better way to implement such menus.
You should be able to create a screen like the following

Code: [Select]
- Hour    :11
- Minutes :23


Thank you, I thought so, too. Of course it woud have been great to have some menu displaying "hh:mm" and to set first "hh", press confirm and then "mm" and press confirm.

Could it be there is a menu-limit in MENWIZ? My main menu only displays three submenus of the four right now and the third is empty.
Of course I not only want to set time but set some alarm-times, too. In fact 12 different times, some other integer variables and some boolean variables. I'm working on a aquarium control unit. :-)

Thanks, calim
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The problem is the available memory. I do not want to fillup the whole memory implementing variable specific behavihours. We'll see. I'm tempted to set some special variables (as time, password ans so on).
The menu dimensions can be set by the user. Of course you must be warned about memory consumption.
Please read the chapter "Internal variables and memory limits" of the guide.

Should I have more time I would port the lib to graphical display. It should not be too difficult: the rendering is confined in a small part of code, under not more than 5-6 functions, logic and the data structures are the same. I need to find a library similar to liquidCrystal for graphical display.

I'm interested in your aquarium project. Let me know the main characteristics.

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