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Author Topic: MENWIZ: yet another character lcd menu wizard library  (Read 75348 times)
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I wanted to update you and say that i got it to do what i wanted it to do (yay)


if (button is pushed) {

then move the actNavButtons() function from private to public.

Works since i'm only using the four navigation buttons(up, down, confirm and exit), and not left.

Seems like an easier way to get custom buttons to work too, maybe not as efficient?   Also, what is the benefit in making some things public and some things private? Is it just so that variables don't end up with the same name? (eg, x in the sketch does one thing, and x in the private section of the library does another?)


I do have another problem/issue though

It seems like if the "menu" times out, it "saves" it's spot, eg if your a submenu it will return to the submenu.

I'd rather return to the index. Is this possible?
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