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Hardware configuration test with B.O.M is including:

- PS 307 5A.
- CPU 314C-2DP.
- CP 343-1.
- Arduino Uno.
- Ethernet Shield.
- Switch/ Hub.
- Some LAN cables.

With this test, Arduino Uno can easily read/write to PLC with highest protection level. Arduino also can remotely START or STOP CPU S7-300 through Ethernet network.

For more information, you can refer to videos below
**** Video 1: Read from CPU S7-300.


**** Video 2: Wrire to CPU S7-300
CPU PLC S7-300 is under protection Level 3 (Read/Write Protection) and Data Block is under Know-How-Protect inside PLC program with this DEMO....



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Hi TomGeorge,

Thank for your remind. I read topic name "Project Guidance" and I think it should be located here. It's just for sharing my project to someone who need it.

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Welcome to the list.    

I have to say that it is rare that a first post is to OFFER solutions !

to that I say Thanks !

we get the occasional person who wants to interface a PLC and it looks like you took it past just getting some data points out, or putting some data point in, to a full interface.

The parts list items include the power/CPU/comm modules for the PLC.  not really required as the only need is for someone who already has the PLC, but needs to interface with it.

If you are getting onto the bus, I would assume that you can interface with any of the Ethernet modules for any of the Siemens PLC's that are compatible with  that same unit ?

Are you able to connect and retrieve active inputs for the purpose of data-logging with the Arduino ?

BTW, well done on putting in the searchable model numbers for the PLC.  This will help others to find this thread when they come looking.

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