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So, the name-brand bread maker lost the magic-smoke just two months before the warranty ran out. I called customer-support and it was going to cost $25 shipping and two weeks at least.

The LoafIno:
A Nano, some perfboard, a stripped out 12vdc wall wart, a 12vdc to 5vdc buck, two Fotek SSRs, a Max6675 and thermocouple, an encoder and LCD display.  With a few hours work, soldering and programming -- we have bread. The best thing is, I can now control every aspect of the process down to the second.

Some online searching found PDFs of cycle times from various bread-machine OEMs and after trying several, we are making much better loaves than the original machine ever could.

OK, so it looks a little Frankenstein, but bread it makes!
I had a Dream last night: In it, I got a straight answer on this Forum to the original question asked?


Looks good! Maybe you can opensource the code and schematics on Github too, please? ;)

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