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I'm a Brooklyn based artist and I'll be embarking on a series of works that utilize LEDs programmed to accomplish simple tasks.  These works are medium scale, and in order to speed the process along I'd like to work with a programmer to develop the code necessary for my projects.  This can all be accomplished online, with PayPal, and pay per job will be worked out for each individual gig/art-piece. 

As an example: I've sculpted a figurine that is cast out of clear plastic.  Cast inside the clear plastic is a home-made PCB, a couple LEDs, and a pushbutton and switch are attached to the sculpture's surface.  I'd like code that will enable me to use the pushbutton to control brightness of the LED, and to toggle between a fade mode, and a persistent brightness mode.

If your a coder ace and looking to make a few quick bucks on some fun/avant-garde art projects shoot me a message, and I'll have more gigs to offer you down the line. 




This sounds like it would be great fun to get involved in.

Have you chosen your platform yet in terms of device I.E which arduino Mega to Nano etc.

I have sent you, as requested,  a PM with my details.

Cheers Pete.
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