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Hi All...

I am using a few connector libraries, one for DB9 and one for a mini-USB connector with legs. I noticed that the EAGLE libraries don't seem to ground the vias that the thru hole parts of the connectors mount through. Is there a reason for that or is it okay to ground these vias?



Okay to ground, but only at one end. Don't want to create ground loops.
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I dont believe ground looping is a problem with connectors as they are on the same circuit.  I could be wrong(most likely) but I thought ground looping was an issue with 2 different circuits sharing a common connection to ground.  Where the 2 circuits should only have 1 point of contact.

I ground all shields unless the datasheet advises otherwise.  It makes the solder connection much stronger(not just a single pad to tear up[I use ground planes]) but is a little harder to solder in the first place.



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