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I have a 16x2 Parallax Serial LCD, I was wondering if anyone has been able to get it work?

It has 3 pins: GND, 5V and RX.  I have TX going to pin 1 (TX) on my Diecimila, and am running the following code:

Code: [Select]
int ledPin = 13;                // IR LED connected to digital pin 13
int statusPin = 12;             // LED connected to digital pin 12

volatile byte rpmcount;
volatile int status;

unsigned int rpm;

unsigned long timeold;

void rpm_fun()
  //Each rotation, this interrupt function is run twice, so take that into consideration for
  //calculating RPM
  //Update count
  //Toggle status LED  
  if (status == LOW) {
    status = HIGH;
  } else {
    status = LOW;
  digitalWrite(statusPin, status);

void setup()
  //Interrupt 0 is digital pin 2, so that is where the IR detector is connected
  //Triggers on FALLING (change from HIGH to LOW)
  attachInterrupt(0, rpm_fun, FALLING);
  //Turn on IR LED
  pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH);
  //Use statusPin to flash along with interrupts
//  pinMode(statusPin, OUTPUT);

  rpmcount = 0;
  rpm = 0;
  timeold = 0;
  status = LOW;

void loop()
  //Update RPM every second
  //Don't process interrupts during calculations
  rpm = rpmcount;
  timeold = millis();
  rpmcount = 0;
  //Write it out to serial port
//  Serial.println(12,BYTE);
  //Restart the interrupt processing
  attachInterrupt(0, rpm_fun, FALLING);


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