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Do you want to work  together on this?
I have code for doing the hex file (from my bootdrive project) but I'm wondering if it's worth the space. It's only a small simple command to convert it.

I was going to try to squeeze it down to either:
1. get it out of the 4k bootloader zone (into at least the 2k zone)
2. add back serial programming. The Optiboot code is very small and should be easy to integrate (I ported it into my bootdrive code)


Yes, that would be great. I have doubts about the 2K target, I'd rather focus on fixing the 2boots if we go in that direction. I guess it is something really small that is missing to get it working.

My ideal bootloader will have these features, in order of importance:

* SD card flashing (only if new file is uploaded)
* EEPROM based firmware file name
* Serial programming
* .HEX rather than .BIN
* 2K

With the EEPROM based firmware file name, the application may switch itself to a TFTP sketch that will run for 20 minutes and revert back to the original application. The TFTP will wait for incomming connection and if found will save the uploaded file to the SD card (new firmare)..


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i also have the code for loading from eeprom EDIT: I mean: the code for reading the filename from eeprom



Cool. Can we agree to use one github? We can all be contributors, or we could designate one master and do forks/pulls.

Martin, I like the load only if new, and would incorporate that right away. The LED thing should be under ifdef with some defines to make it board dependent.
I have an idea how to handle this in the makefile (similar to 2boots).


I think it will be best to do it this way. As I am less experienced, I suggest you take the lead.

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