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Hello I wonder what is the reason for this, or how is this possible technically?

These are very small SMD LEDs, that after soldering, don't glow very bright. As if they were damaged from high temperature. Some were brighter, ans quite normal.

Now, I tapped them with shorft 5v volts pulses manually (1/2 second or so).

Then these LEDs would sudden increase 5x in brightness, and remain at this level.
When I use lower voltage later, they are still high brightness!

As if the phospors or the Gallium were "heat cured". or no, let say, "high current cured".

It really worked that way!

Still have some reel cuts of these, new.
They are way too small for human soldering.

I tried with half-size SOT23 PNP transistors, but gave up the project after soldering 15 LEDs.

Maybe 4 years ago? This piece is long gone.

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