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Today I decided to open an old epson printer I bought ages ago and try rewiring it to my arduino. Luckily it didn't take long before I got it to work and run smoothly using a Adafruit motorshield and replacing the cartridges with just a simple marker.
I managed to get the first results by programming clumsy lines of code... basically describing each movement the motors would have to do (I am using one of the motors to control the X and one to make the page go up and down) in order to draw simple shapes. Nothing new really, it was just good to explore this area!

But now I was wondering if someone could tell me where I could start to get this thing going, getting more interesting. I was planning of using processing, which I never really used before, to draw something or to open a bitmap and then transform that into motors movements for the "printer"..

Any advice will be very welcome! Thanks a lot! 


I assume that you can't lift the pen away from the paper ?

If that i true then your "printer" is very much like an "Etch a sketch" toy. Lot's of people have interfaced those toys to Arduino with two stepper motors.

Try to google "Arduino Etch a sketch" that should give you some pointers to get started.


I could add a feature to lift the pen, but yes at the moment is always touching the paper..

I have seen many of those etch a sketch projects, as I said my trial was not supposed to be anything new.. it's just that I never tried anything in this direction until now. Well, if anybody knows code I could start with that would be very appreciated...

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