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I am posting here because I need to include a picture to help with my "problem".

This is the two rows of "headers" at the bottom right corner of the shield.

I am perplexed what these "un-used" pins do.

I have semi-resolved that the bottom ones, marked with the green arrows, are from the main Arduino board.

But the ones with RED arrows?

The PDF supplied doesn't really yield any information.

If you see this, it isn't I am upset or anything.  But I can't post the piccies in the other forum.


FYI, this is the bottom right corner of the phi-2 shield :)

The first two red pins are connected to the two LEDs above the headers. If you want to light one of them, pick an unused arduino pin and jump between that pin and one of the first two red pins.

The next two red pins are not connected to anything. I don't want someone to have to cut two pieces of 2pin headers and painstakingly solder them on separately so thus the larger 6 pin header with two pins in the middle doing nothing.

The 4 green pins are arduino analog pins 0-4 or also known as digital pins 14-17.
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Ok, thanks.

We've kind of resolve that in the other place, but I guess this is good for anyone else who gets stuck with what goes where.


Shall work on some more coding soon to get things going as I want them.

Shall also try to get picture of my little board I "made" to help with the straps and access to the output pins here soon.

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