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In one of my college courses we've just recently started using arduino boards in order to use sensors to talk to Max/MSP/Jitter to do something cool. For my final project (Which we've started to embark on), I'd like to create an EEG-like device to use as an input; I want to use brainwaves as an input to control something on the computer. Unfortunately, I'm not very hardware savvy and all this stuff is a bit over my head. I was wondering if anyone here could help me.

From what I understand of EEGs, electrodes are used to capture electrical signals from the skin of your scalp, amplified, and sent to the computer. I'd like something on a much, much simpler scale. I just want simple numbers that are the direct result of brain waves.

I found some schematics, but this one seems to be the most popular:
If someone could explain this to me, and what I'd need to build it, that'd be great. What would be even better, though, is if someone simplified it; all I need is a simple way to turn electrode stuff into an input.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I would warn against a beginner connecting electrodes to the head. By definition you are generating a very low impedance path and that means that small voltages produce a lot more current flowing through the body than would otherwise be the case if you were say just to touch something with a voltage on. Also brain waves are not the simplest thing to pick up.
That being said look up this thread:-


It contained many links to sites with schematics about EEG electrodes as well as a link to something ready made.

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