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It has been a lot of work.

And it still isn't complete.  There are more things to do but it is working.


More piccies


and some more.

The end.


Any video of it in action?  I would like to see your code - I just wrote code for a digital clock using LED's.  Looks like a pretty slick project so far - very clean.


I can send you the code if you want.

It isn't all mine, I "hacked" existing code/s and made it do my bidding.

Videos....  Well, it doesn't really do that much.   It's a clock.

(I'm new at this)

At the alarm times, it turns  on a relay - I use it for a light.

The other socket is to keep me warm in winter so I have the electric blaket plugged in there.
Each day at a set time the the relay is de-activated to ensure it isn't left on by mistake.

There are "alarm defere" options, "All alarms diabled" option if you go away to make it easier to disable the alarms.
There is an alarm LIST option so you can see what time all the alarms are set at/to and their status.

There is also options for "Sleep" times - seperate values for each socket (light/blanket in my case).

The voice reminder/wake up is quite nice but ofcourse optional.

Old circuit from a magazine from years ago.


Looks terrific. Good job!  It's amazing how many hours these projects take up  :D


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