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Hi there,
I build a huge Drum robot installation "MR-808" - a mechanic drum robot replica
of the famous 1980s drum computer TR-808! The idea (in short) is to
highlight the origin of sound, and thus to transfer the structures of
electronic music back into the real world - with robots playing the
The drum robot itself is placed in a huge 330 x 170cm² case with
eleven mini-robots reproducing the sounds of the TR-808. Everything is
controlled via Adruino and MIDI. It's the first instrument in a row for our Band
SCIENCE FICTION CHILDREN.www.facebook.com/sciencefictionchildren

I also wrote a blog article about it:


Very cool.

Now I'm thinking that my Christmas song handbell project will be pretty lame in comparison :-(

Did you use any servos, or just solenoids?
There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those that don't.


well everybody starts somewhen - I started with a broken vinyl player that I modified :) Anyway: I used just solenoids and motors. Servos are great, but I did not need to control the exact way of the motions.


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