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i am doing a project to to recognize the sign language of the dumb people through the flex sensors put on the glove and giving the output of the sensors to the aurdino. i need a program which will recognize the input from the sensors and display the appropriate symbol. pls can any one help me and get me the code. thank you. i have attached a attachment which will explain it in detail.


be inspired by this thread, - http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,143055.0.html -
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i need a program which will recognize the input from the sensors and display the appropriate symbol

So you better start writing it or at least start learning how to write code. This is a complex project and it will not be 100% successful.

What you need to do is to record the sensor input and then match what is received to a number of pre recorded templates of single gestures. The match will not be exact but will be wrong to a greater or lesser extent. The least wrong match is what you should choose.

This is simplifying what you need to do, in practice it will be much more complex. I am not sure if the Arduino Uno has enough memory or speed for this, you might have to go with a Due.

Best of luck.


thankx for the suggestions... but can i get some code for the flex sensors so it would be helpful.


A flex sensor is just a variable resistor, so the code is just an analogRead function call. Just the same as if it were a pot.


okie... i am a newbie to aurdino i need ur help even if its a simple question pls guide me...i am thinking the coding can be done in two ways....<1> getting the total resistance value and mapping it to the sign to display.. or <2>should i take the total resistance from the flex sensors and convert it into degrees and then mapping the specific degree to a sign.
which method is best and gives accurate results... if there is a better way pls suggest it.
And mapping is a bit difficult so pls provide a sample or tutorial


What you are not understanding is that this project is way above your head. It is on the threshold of being impossible. It is not the sort of thing you can do with a bit of help from a forum.
You need to learn a lot before you know enough to be able to understand the answers you get.
So go and do some tutorials, learn how to read a pot and print out the result.
if you want to make a simple start see if you can recognise the one dimensional variations you get from a pot.

You question shows you have not understood one little bit of what I told you in my first reply.


i agree its a little bit tough but i have submitted synopsis of this project as my final year engineering project and there is no turning back now, i am not to change it. however i have told them that i will show the output of the numeric gestures ie 0 to 9. if time permits then ovals . I have 3 months time. hook or cook i have to find a way to get it done. we have to do the project on our own we can only ask guidance if i get it done from some consultancy they will come to know and we will get very low marks, i had done workshop on embedded systems using arduino i know about it a little, so i will start with the pot.


Interesting project. With the scope reduced to digits you'll obviously have a much better chance of getting it working. Be careful that you don't just match on the closest of your known symbols - you'll alsohave to  be able to indicate "I have no idea what symbol he's making". Will you make or buy the glove?


i will buy the glove and then embed the flex sensors if possible accelorometer....


we have to do the project on our own we can only ask guidance if i get it done from some consultancy they will come to know


pls can any one help me and get me the code. thank you.

Does not sound like you're expecting to do it on your own. You're asking for somebody to give you the code. The fact you're committed to doing this project does not mean that you're capable of it. From what you've said so far, you don't seem to have the first clue how to go about it. Prove me wrong: how are you going to develop the algorithms, software and hardware to solve this problem?

If your answer is "I don't know, please tell me" then you will not succeed at this project without cheating.


i am committed to do the project i know the hardware my branch is electronics but the problem is the software part. out letchures dont help us, we cant completely do it on our own i have to take help from someone, so if i get some similar codes then it vl be easy


i am trying to learn it by doing it in fritzing... i made a basic circuit ie wen the fkex sensor varies and depending on that the leds will glow... but i dont know how to run it... i have written the code in arduino.... what should i do next...


Does it have to be Arduino alone ?

Could you use Arduino to read the flex sensors and offload the gesture recognition to a PC ?
That would be much better.


what should i do next...

What do you need to achieve to have the complete project working? Break the work down into the smallest steps you can.

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