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Hi, all

Does the Ethernet Shield works with the Arduino Nano (the new one, version 3.0)?

Thanks in advance

Carlos Augusto Grahl


Not directly,  since the shield wants to plug into a standard-sized Arduino.

The Wiznet only has about 5 signals connected to the Arduino.  It might be simpler to just put both it and the Nano on a prototyping board.

Be warned that the Ethernet library uses a lot of program memory:  you might need to switch to a board with an ATMega328 if your application is complex.



The WIZ811MJ has the MagJack and a W5100 on it. It comes in other versions as well. I found out the hard way that the 2  2X10 headers are on 0.88 inch spacing for some wierd reason. If you "waller" out the holes in a perfboard, you can make it fit.


I found out the hard way that the 2  2X10 headers are on 0.88 inch spacing for some wierd reason.

It's a 2mm header.



Nope, that's the 810. The 811 has 0.1 inch headers on that weird spacing. 22.46mm between the outer rows. You do the math. ::)


My mistake.  I did the math, but I read "0.08" (not .88) which does come out to 2mm (or close enough).

Don't mind me, I'll wander off and look for some caffeine now...



Is there an example where i can see how the Ethernet Shield is mounted on a Arduino Nano? Witch pins i have to connect?


Lady Ada publishes schematics for all her Arduino products,  including the Ethernet shield.  Links to all the details are here.


Sorry for asking so dumb questions but i am an newbie in physical computing and i don't want to destroy my Ethernet shield ... I only have to connect pin 22, 28, 23, 1, 24, 2, Gnd and VCC from the Shield to the Nano?


I'm pretty sure you have the pin list right (it matches the schematic),  but note that there are multiple ground and Vcc connections.  And that the Wiznet runs on 3.3V,  not 5V,  so you'll need a 3.3V regulator somewhere.

You'll probably want to connect the Wiznet's reset pin to a digital output,  instead of the Arduino reset,  due to problems people have had with the Wiznet not resetting reliably with some Arduino boards.  A forum search for "ethernet reset" should turn up some postings about this problem,  and the software changes people have done to circumvent it.


Thank you for your help. Finally i get the EthernetShield get working with the Arduino Nano. To fix the Reset Problem you have to simply add this code (before ethernet.begin) to you Sketch:

Code: [Select]
int EthernetResetPin = 2;

void setup()
 pinMode(EthernetResetPin, OUTPUT);  
 digitalWrite(EthernetResetPin, LOW);  
 digitalWrite(EthernetResetPin, HIGH);

Here is the List of Pins you need to connect directly from the Nano to the Ethernet shield:

Nano - Ethernet Sheild
TX1 - D1
RX0 - D0
D10 - D10
D11 - D11
D12 - D12
D13 - D13
5V - 5V
D2 - RESET (see sketch above)

Life would be easier if I had the source code!  ;)

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