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I tried 5 IR receivers in the same circuit to see which worked best. Using a circuit like in the application notes except it uses a .1 microfared capacitor, the tsop2438 and tsop1138 receivers work fine. But the tsop34838, tsop38238 and tsop4838 don't seem to work at all.

The recommended cap is 4.7 microfareds. Could the smaller cap be the problem? Should all receivers work with the same circuit?

I also noticed that the tsop1138 gets inserted backwards to how i would expect. Could inserting the receiver backwards fry it?

The receivers that don't work have a larger operating voltage: 2.5-5.5V. The working receivers operating voltage is 4.5-5.5, They are being powered by a USB powered Ardweeny's gnd and + pins. Could the different range be an issue? I assumed the wider range was an advantage.


Yes the decoupling capacitors do matter with this chip.


I fixed the capacitor issue. The circuit uses 2  10 uF electrolytic caps in series to create a 5 uF cap.  Should 5 uF ceramic caps work the same? They would be a lot neater.

I didn't get all the receivers to work, but probably won't bother debugging as the tsop 1138 worked pretty well from a wide range of angles.


The circuit uses 2  10 uF electrolytic caps in series to create a 5 uF cap

What circuit is this, sounds very odd. Just using one 10uF capacitor would be better than this.

Should 5 uF ceramic caps work the same?

It will, - but you can only get ceramic capacitors of this sort of value (4u7 actually) as a surface mount component.

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