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Hello everyone.

I disassembled a Multi-Function printer and got some cool DC Motors and 1 Stepper (i believe). I would like to work with them a bit but im afraid to damage my arduino.

Can we conrol these motors without buying the Arduino Motor Shield?
And if so, could you guys maybe give me some advice?

I'm searching around google for some instructions on how not to fry my arduino while connecting the motors =)

Thank you very much


Search the forum for MOSFET and h-bridge.
Google forum search: Use Google Search box in upper right side of this page.
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Very well! Thanks for such a great reply.

Maybe i should go step by step and posting some screenshots of my circuits and stuff. Im really new to electronics so i might need a push to begin.  ;D

So first, the motors... well i have no idea what kind of voltage and current they take because they came right out of a Multi-Function HP printer. I can however, take some pictures and display them all.

About that circuit, i certain i wont know how to make a Arduino Motor Shield so, maybe this comunity could help me out by posting some schematics? I'll start with this one.

Big No No:

What would be a good circuit?

Thank you!

PS: (i just fried 4 leds, nice  :-?)


I just found this

Wow... i have no idea whats an H-Bridge or what it does.  :-/
Time to Invest-igate


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That picture was a "Big No No" as  the title just about describes.
I didn't, or was going to, try it.

Update: Oh wait, you were actually refering to the one with the an H-Bridge? I downloaded that from the Fritzing "Projects" page.

Is it still bad even with all the resistors and h-bridge etc?
I dont believe thats a big motor. They should be refering to one of these

Also the motors i got from the printer are like this:

I got one of these:

2 of these:

And 1 smaller one, similar to the one above.



Thanks Grumpy Mike, i read your tutorial about the DC Motor and using your first example (1 transistor / 1 diode) i managed to get my motor working =D.

(I might have burned 2 548B transistors  ::))

I need to learn how to read the data-sheets. Everything worked fine, i tried 3volts 6volts 9volts, but, 12volts just cooked the transistor.

I guess now i know 12v is a bit too much for this one  ;D


i am in a similar boat. I have been trying to connect a stepper to a l293 but i have been having some problems with frying atmega 238. The circuit works but the arduino will not take inputs. Even if i reprogram it withe the button example in does not work properly.  attached is my bread boarding. The chip is an L293 not the 79.....

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