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I thought I would post what I have done so far to get the T230 connected to the Arduino, since when I researched it found alot of people having trouble with it.  It is very simple!

Pin 10 is ground (this must be connected for serial communication to work!) - Connect this to the GND port of Arduino.

Pin 11 is power (not neccesary, but can be connected to arduino to keep phone charged, or if Aruduino is not powered by anything else, this will power the arduino!) - Connect this to 5V port of Arduino.

Pin 4 is TX - Connect this to Pin 0 (RX) of Arduino
Pin 5 is RX - Connect this to Pin 1 (TX) of Arduino

I soldered the wires directly to the phones port.

Now the wiring is complete, you should be able to connect to your phone with HyperTerminal:

Connect to the port you usually use to connect to your Arduino.
Settings are: 9600, 8, N, 1, No flow control

You can now send commands to your phone!

Try sending "AT", the phone should respond "OK"

The phone sends any keypress to the arduino as seen here. Also, when a SMS is received it sends the PDU to the arduino.

It is also working with FMA (Floats Mobile Agent), a very nice program.


For the phone to receive commands from the arduino, rx/tx must be swapped or it will not work.


Hello, thank you for this project.

I want to do the inverse task.

I want that when the arduino receive an input from a sensor connected to the digital input, send a sms troght the Sony T230 connected like you say in this post.

Can it work ? Can you help me with the code to send at the phone ?

Thanks a lot.



Hello thanks for the project...
The concept works fine...I tried it and it is OK...the only problem here is that I cannot get the response when I send the command...for example when a send the AT command that reads a message I cannot get the message..

Please help me...



Hey, here still someone is live? Someone can re-upload drawings?


Thanks to Orac post, I've tested it some times ago and it works like a charm.

Best GSM to do that are old Ericsson ones (mine being T18).

If it does not work at first glance, swap Tx wih Rx (on some phones not always tx is tx from phone...).

For coding it's better to use NewSoftSerial (to free serial on Arduino avoiding conflicts).

I've saved images locally... here they are (following the order in the original post):







Hello, i have a sony ericsson K750i. When connecting the phone with the usb cable to the pc, opening hyperterminal and choosing the right com port i'm able to sent an sms with the at commands.
When connecting the phone with the usb calbe to arduino it doesn't work.
When i measure the signals with a scoop when the phone is connected with hyperterminal, i don't see the typical bit train i expect when communicating serial.
anyone any idee? Thanks,

Kind regards

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