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Hello everyone.
The idea is to store data obtained from a meter. This is a standard meter used in power quality analysis. It can send data on RS485 through MODBUS. It gives data about some 50 parameters every minute and i want to store data of 24 hours on a flash drive, SD card, etc.

So can i use some ARDUINO board for this......... If yes which one......

Help Please......



Have a look at this! It just works with Modbus RTU and RS-485 link.


Your arduino network will behave as Modbus Slaves and all them must have an unique address (save it through a DIP switch or just as a parameter).



Thanx a lot for that.
Actually I already checked that link and got the thing working
I needed the arduino to work as modbus master and it worked just fine
thanks anyways



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I have also tried this Modbus implementation.
And all credits to jpmzometa! Very easy to use, lightweight and works!
Now I can use a standard industrialgrade HMI as the frontend to the Arduino, reading logging and writing values. 30 ints/telegram with a rate of 10 telegrams/sek at 9k6. Nice.
Why isn't there standard library for Modbus?


Hello Phoenix999,
I am also doing a project to read the data off the meter which communicates on RS485. I am having some issues with RS485 to RS232 conversion. I am using SN65176B chip to convert the voltage level.Could you please share some ideas on how to connect Arduino with RS485 and the meter.
thanks in advance!!

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