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Update on http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,16459.0.html

I just published version 0.2 beta of the DCF77 Library with example.

Thanks to Bernd Schwind (Germany) for adding extra functionality.

Please send comments and suggestions.


Link to the DCF77 Library:

Link to my last posting on testing the Pollin DCF77 module:


At first: Thank you for your work!
I'm using version 0.1 of your library in an alarm clock project of mine. It works fine with the DCF receiver from Conrad Elektronik too. I will use the new version as soon as I get to my hardware again and will let you know how it behaves.

Greetings, O.


i tried the library with my DCF77 module from pollin.
But i dont get any time. getDateTime() just gives me "DCF77POLL" (Tried for at least an hour).
What am I doing wrong? How should one position the antenna?

Thank you


Just tried your new version with my Conrad DCF receiver and it works fine.
Concerning antenna position I noticed that it seems quite easy to disturb the reception. Any high frequency sources near the receiver turned mine into a "DCF77POLL" generator too. For example: I'm using a VFD display in my alarm clock which generates high voltages internally and the DCF reception stopped immediately after I turned the display on. One could try to change the position of the module altogether, turn off devices that might interfere, etc. Of course I don't know how the Pollin receiver reacts.

Thank you again for your library, it is of great use for my project!

Greetings, O.


I'm testing this library with a DCF77 Receiver from Conrad under Arduino 1.0.

But all I can get out of this library is stuff like this via serial connection when I launch the example:




(I have stripped out some lines, each line is repeated several times)

Did anyone else here have such problems?

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