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Thought i would submit this ultra low cost, stripped down strip-board Arduino Iv been playing about with tonight.

Here are the Part list and plans:

# 7805 Voltage regulator
# 2x LEDs
# 2x 220 Ohm resistors
# 1 10k Ohm resistor
# 2x 10 uF capacitors
# 16 MHz clock crystal
# 2x 22 pF capacitors
# 2x .1 mfd capacitors
# small momentary button
# small amount of wire for jumpers

And a Video of it running "Blink"

This was only started tonight, so would love to hear how other's would go about improving it, Im just working out a few options for ICSP and cutting up some strips of pins to make it a little more practical then having to solder your I/Os to the board.  

If you want to make this make sure you refer to the Arduino Pin Map when hooking up your connections:


Nice job and great pictures.

There is one mistake on that schematic you worked from and an omission. The AREF pin should be left unconnected.

The omissions are lack of .1 mfd bypass capacitors to ground on the AVCC and VCC pins, that gives better noise filtering for the chip.



Aug 25, 2009, 04:39 am Last Edit: Aug 25, 2009, 05:54 am by n00b Reason: 1
Thanks Lefty, will disconnect the AREF pin, and add a couple of .1 mfd capacitors to ground on AVCC and VCC  (and update all the photos and schematics) :)

**.1 mfd capacitors added to above schismatics, and AREF pin disconnect **


Woot, I like the male pin idea! I've got a setup on a breadboard right now, pretty much the same setup!

I'm curious though, Retrolefty, what's the difference between connecting Aref and, well, not? (I'm fairly new, so sorry if this seems ignorant:D)
I followed the tutorial Tom Igoe made and in the breadboard setup he used, he connected the Aref to power.

But regardless! Looking good Noob (haha:D) Your solder job looks pretty good, I need to practice more! Good job!:D


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I'm curious though, Retrolefty, what's the difference between connecting Aref and, well, not?

It's somewhat technical and one really needs to read the AVR data sheet as the whole analog reference section is a little complex but has a lot of flexibility. Basically the way the Arduino core software sets up analog reference voltage could result in damage if you have +5vdc wire to the AREF pin and execute the wrong internal command changing the reference set-up. Bottom line, leave AREF disconnected unless you have researched it's proper use.



This is really nice, I will definitely be following this approach. Thanks for sharing!



Nice job, I also run similar format stripboad layouts so as to keep my Duemilanove ready for quick prototyping or to use when trying some electronically 'dubious' setups.  :-?

I'll mention that to add programming capability to the stripboard is dead easy (and cheap) as per http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/StandaloneAssembly using a hex inverter and db9 connector.  ;)


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I would be very careful with that interface (actually I would never use it!). It's a very old posting and has errors (that are mentioned in it) and omissons (like no power wiring shown for the hex invertor chip) and requires a RS-232 comm port which many modern PCs don't provide anymore.

A serial interface based on a MAX232 type RS-232 to TTL convertor is much more commonly used these days, if you indeed have a RS-232 comm port on your PC. There are also plently of USB to TTL convertor cables or modules that make it very simple to add programming capablility to your standalone set-up, like this example:




I like this idea a lot and am very impressed with the amount of detail you've shown 8-)


For the decoupling .1mfd capacitors, should one use electrolytic or ceramic?


For the decoupling .1mfd capacitors, should one use electrolytic or ceramic?
I use a couple of little ceramic  :)



Thats looks fantastic!

whats the cost?  do you sell these as a kit? so i can have a play.

thanks jason


many thanks n00b

i will be in touch soon once i have had a play


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