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Hi all!

Being unsatisfied with Arduino IDE UI, I've moved to Vim and started to perform my builds on command-line. I've tried raw make, scons, waf, cmake, but no solution became flexible enough to use it over and over again or ever publish it as an open source.

And finally, having all that experience, I've put an effort to create complete and usable stuff with dead-simple interface. Please, welcome: Ino!

I hope this will be useful.



    * Arduino IDE distribution
    * make and avr-gcc for building

You should have it use the "make" and "gcc" that come with the Arduino IDE distribution, at least on Mac/Windows (on linux, they're a separate install.)  Having different users see different bugs because they're running a "wrong" C compiler version has been really confusing (on linux, where this happens.)

If you have to know where the Arduino IDE is anyway, you can easily derive the location of the compiler and tools.  The windows distribution even has a pretty full set of unix-like command-line tools.


Thanks! It's a helpful information I should now for making Win and Mac support.

However as for Ubuntu, arduino-core package contains no separate AVR tools, except avrdude that is patched. It would be very strange if arduino soft will include it's own copy of toolset available on Linux.



I experimented ino on my MacBook and reported some issues, most of them fixed except the last one.

Main problem is the location of folders. All the avr- stuff resides within the Arduino.app folder.

I'm using the Mpide.app IDE to play with both the Arduino UNO and the chipKIT UNO32 boards I have. So I'd like to have more than one platform to consider.

I posted two topics on the Issues tab of https://github.com/amperka/ino.

Best regards,

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