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Just got my Nanode, (have had Arduinos before) and very happy with my soldering - very neat.
It works as an Arduino, but I cant get the Ethernet to work.
compiling and uploading shields all work (blinky etc).  The Ethernet_DHCPtest gets to initialising the ENC28J60 (I get version 7 in the code)....It doesnt get a IP Address from my router..... the two lights on the ethernet jack dont come on either.

I went back to Arduino v0022 to get the examples...and, have set the Ethernet to Init(mac,8)
It looks like some of the code/examples, and libraries are half migrated to Arduino v1... but any ideas ?

(PS, when I reset the Nanode, the Ethernet lights do flash - so Im assuming the electronics are fine).


OK - Im feeling rather sheepish, as I fixed it....  I had forgotten to solder in the 1R resistor ..doh!

Nanode work works a treat !

If it helps anyone, the Ethernet LEDs should show green (left hand LED) when connected to an Ethernet source; and the yellow LED shows a heartbeat - just like it does on any other RJ45!

...on to the project.....

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