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I am planning on using the LilyPad as part of a sensor/actuator system for curing sleep paralysis. More here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis.
The plan is Arduino + accelerometer will be attached to body, e.g. chest or foot via comfortable silicone strap, motion signals of rapid breathing or foot motion processed to control actuators to wake up the person. I will probably use the tiny printed motors as mechanical actuators as within current limits of Arduino. I plan to use a FFT, or just a bandpass filter  to filter out the large signal movements of the body and just pickup the "panic" signals that the sleeper can control (rapid breathing and foot movement) .  A small rechargeable Li-Poly battery will power the unit. A small amount of data logging can check the effectiveness of device.  I might just build some of the circuit up tonight, as been wanting to solve this problem for years.  If anyone interested in  this research, e.g.  private individual, medical research  or universities, it  will be good to hear from you. I guess using a microphone and filter to detect snoring and gently wake up the snorer only might also be useful. And yes,  it will designed to be washable.


Interesting.  Why not detect the sound of rapid breathing?  This should work in a quiet room.

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