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I am working a project in which I have 100 different arduino UNO Atmega 328p attached with W5100 arduino ethernet shield each having having static different IP addresses. I have to show the output of these arduinos on a single webpage. I don't know how to show multiple IP arduino on a single page. i am done with coding the individual arduino's and they are working perfectly but my next task is to combine them in one webpage. I am thinking to create a new library from where to control webpage, will this would work?.

I also want know that when I attach my arduino ethernet directly with router it works perfect but when I attach a PLANET Lan networking switch in between and give connect to ardunio ethernet with this switch, it stop working.


Strategy: Separation of concerns

Let the 100 arduino's post their data to a database (MYSQL) with HTTP POST on a separate server
    (windows or linux or .... )

Let the server generate one or more HTML pages (with PHP) from the very same database.


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I want to make a project in which, I need to make a local PHP web page showing 100 buttons. Each 2 button will be operate by a single Arduino Mega so in order to operate 100 buttons there will be 50 Ardunio's. The communication will be using arduino ethernet Shield. Behind each button there will be a IP of an ardunio stored.
I want to know how to send xml command from PHP to Arduino?


Yesterday it was 100 Unos.


Are you making "Smart Buttons" (Google it).
Maybe easier to use 100 WeMos D1 mini boards, or the bare ESP modules.

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I want to know how to send xml command from PHP to Arduino?
xml is a way of representing data. It is NOT a command. You send DATA to the Arduino via the serial port OR by making the Arduino a server, and having the PHP script make a GET request to the Arduino-as-server.

If you were to have a hope in hell of making this work, you'd KNOW that the fact that there are Arduinos involved is completely irrelevant.
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If the web page is produced by a webserver then any number of Arduino clients can access the server. This is standard web programming and is not an Arduino Forum issue. There will be hundreds or thousands of online tutorials about creating webservers. And they don't have to use PHP.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


Maybe explain the purpose of the system you are constructing and you may get some alternative suggestions. An infrastructure consisting of one hundred Arduino devices is unusual.

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